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Book Clubs and Reading Groups

Danette is an experienced group leader who loves talking directly with her readers. Please use the link below if you'd like to have her chat with your group in person or via Zoom. There is a book incentive for organizers who gather ten or more readers.

Chasing Aces Discussion Guide

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Alert! The questions below contain spoilers:

1. How are generational boundaries and expectations blurred in Chasing Aces?

2. Is Marian in love with all of the Kings? Would twelve-year-old Marian have felt the same way about Bradley had he not been Nita's brother?

3. How far back do Leo's feelings for Marian go? 

4. What role does Leo play in the triangle? Does Marian's relationship with Leo make it easier or more difficult for her and Bradley to make their way back to one another?

5. How would it have gone had Marian transferred to the University of Arizona and Bradley not been drafted yet?

6. How does Addie's character evolve throughout the story? Does she have an arc?

7. Nita maintains separate relationships with Marian and Bradley. What do you think of her choice? Is it realistic?

8. Do Marian and Bradley make equal sacrifices in the name of love?

9. Did you guess the ending? If so, how? Were you satisfied with the choices the characters made?

10. Who would you cast in the film adaptation?

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