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Write with Danette Workshops

Danette moderates a weekly writing class with the

Philadelphia Writers Workshop. Her next session will begin in the fall. Please check back soon for more information!

Writing by the Fireplace.jpg

Join via Zoom on Wednesday nights.

For beginners to published authors:

Write with Danette focuses on quieting your internal critic to express yourself freely. The facilitator structures the approach to writing and the discussion to ensure everyone in the workshop feels included and at ease.

A workshop for writers of all levels:

    • Meet other writers

    • Write during workshop time

    • Discover or develop your voice

    • Gain confidence in your identity as a writer

    • Create new work or expand existing projects

    • Receive constructive feedback that highlights your strengths

Fiction · Nonfiction · Poetry · Screen & TV Writing · Playwriting · Blogs · Performance Sketches

This class emphasizes writing to prompts:

    • The prompts are designed to inspire you, to get you started

    • Following the prompts is optional

    • No competition, no ridicule

    • No homework

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